Conference Topics


The conference focuses on key problems of today's power engineering that stem both from technical and economic needs of power industry. It also deals with research activities of development institutions and universities.

Main Topics

  • Power Systems Planning and Development
  • Power Systems Reliability and Maintenance, Asset Management
  • New Trends in Electrical Power Transmission, HVDC, WAMPaC
  • Advanced Distribution Systems, Smart Grids, Micro Grids and Energy Communities
  • Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Storage Systems, Intelligent Buildings
  • EMC, Power Quality Measurement and Improvement
  • High Voltage Technology, Measurements and Diagnostics
  • Transient Voltages, Insulation Coordination, Overvoltage Protection
  • Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Electronics
  • Smart Artificial Outdoor and Indoor Lighting Systems
  • Nuclear Energy Research, Utilization and Safety
  • New trends and development in E-mobility

Visitors: 19257
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