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welcome to the official pages of 13th International Scientific Conference EPE 2012. You will find here all necessary information concerning the conference. If you are here for the first time, we recommend that you go through the home page where a brief overview of organisation advice is provided.

The International Scientific Conference EPE 2012 (ELECTRIC POWER ENGINEERING) is the 13th conference of this type aimed particularly at problems concerning power engineering in the area of science, research and work experience. Thus, the conference provides the ground for the interchange of valuable information, room for discussion, making contacts and social meetings of industrial, school and research workers.

Conference is organized by Brno university of technology, Department of Electrical Power Engineering Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication.

Who Is the Conference Aimed at

Basically, all those interested in the field can attend the conference; a lecturer who wants to present the results of his work or exhibitors presenting their goods or services. Naturally, every other accompanying person can attend the conference, the only requirement is the registration and payment of the conference fee.

Deadline and Venue

The conference will be held from May 23th to May 25th, 2012 at hotel SANTON in Brno, close to the Brno dam.

Conference Languages

The following languages have been set as the official conference languages: English, Czech.

Other Instructions

You will find all neccessary information in the left-hand menu in several sections. In the first place, it is the registration form that serves for submitting your contacts and required range of conference services, furthermore for instructions for the authors of papers, instructions for exhibitors, contact information, payment details, the programme of the conference, deadlines, list of members of the scientific and organizing commitee etc. If you have any question concerning the conference, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Petr Mastny
the chairman of the organising commitee

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